Where to install Angstrom

As answered in the FAQ, Angstrom should NOT be installed in the BeagleBone Black but in a machine using a Linux distribution (Ubuntu has been used for the project). The cross-compiling process should be done outside the BeagleBone.

Keep in mind new users.


2 thoughts on “Where to install Angstrom

  1. Arturo says:

    First of all, I wanted to congratulate you for this amazing work. I am trying to get running ROS hydro on BBB, and actually I have installed Armstrong distribution on it. Then, I installed ROS from git repositories. However you remarked here that Armstrong SHOULD BE NOT installed on BBB, but on local machine running linux. Sorry if it sounds very nooby, but then, how are you running ROS on BBB if it has not installed Armstrong?



    • Arturo,

      No worries and feel free to send as many questions as you need. OpenEmbedded-based is a bit tricky. These solutions (e.g.: Angstrom) allow you to cross-compile everything in your Desktop machine and then push it into your embedded board. What i meant with that is that you should cross-compile ROS and then deploy it into the BBB that runs Angstrom.

      In any case, there’s now support for ROS in Ubuntu/Debian running in the BBB. If you don’t want to go through the learning experience of working with Angstrom I’d suggest to switch into these other File Systems.

      For your interest, you may want to check Erle-brain (https://erlerobotics.com/blog/product/erle-brain/). A BBB-based solution that includes ROS and allows you to build Linux drones.

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