Here’s the final video of Beagle-ROS:

I’m currently working on the recipes to merge some of them with the meta-ros repository so stay tuned to that repo if you’re interested. For now i’ll update the beagle-ros code but eventually I’ll move into the meta-ros code. I’ll keep contributing with code and recipes through this layer (off-GSOC).

Furthermore, i’d like to thank BeagleBoard for letting me participate in this summer session. Really glad.

Special thanks to Koen Kooi.


Recipes update

News regarding the recipes created through the Beagle-ROS project:

Recipe Status (cross-compilation) Test (BeagleBone)
beginner-tutorials Ok Ok
ros-tutorials Turtlesim doesn’t cross-compile. Seems like findQT4 cmake macro is broken Ok*
common-tutorials turtle-actionlib doesn’t cross-compile (turtlesim). Ok*
linux-mpu9150 Ok Ok
bb-mpu9150 Ok Ok
bb-dc-motors Ok Ok
bb-sharp-ir Ok Ok
bb-altimeter Ok Code seems to work but there’re some issues with the sensor data
ros-mpu9150 Ok Ok. Deprecated
ros-bb-dc-motors Ok Ok. Deprecated
WIP: Work In Progress
*Tested what compiles

Also some further work which is not in the scope of the GSOC:

Recipe Status (cross-compilation) Test (BeagleBone)
cmake-modules Ok
control-msgs Ok
control-toolbox Ok
realtime-tools Ok
robot-model collada-urdf and kdl-parser still with issues.
rosconsole-bridge Ok
ros-control Ok
ros-controllers Ok
tinyxml Ok
urdfdom Ok
urdfdom-headers Ok
assimp Ok
orocos-kdl Ok
python-orocos-kdl WIP
libqhull Ok
collada-dom Ok
eigen-stl-containers Ok
geometric-shapes Ok
libglu Ok
octomap Ok
(bold): Packages out of the scope of the GSOC

Most of the recipes are being merget into the meta-ros layer so eventually they’ll all be available from the usual Angstrom sources.


ROS in Ångström

ROS wiki already has installation instructions for Ångström so hopefully now more users will be able to benefit themselves from the Beagle-ROS project :).

A Pre-release has been pushed to the git repository. Feel free to test it and give feedback about it.

Regarding documentation I believe that the README and the FAQ cover pretty much everything needed but let me know if i missed something and i’ll be pleased to work on it.