Recipes status

Just spent some time updating the recipes README to illustrate the current situation. There’s still some work to be done with the ros_control packages but it looks promising:

Recipe Status (cross-compilation) Test (BeagleBone)
beginner-tutorials Ok Ok
ros-tutorials Turtlesim doesn’t cross-compile. Ok
common-tutorials actionlib-tutorials and turtlesim-tutorials doesn’t cross-compile. Ok
linux-mpu9150 Ok Ok
bb-mpu9150 Ok Ok
bb-dc-motors Ok Ok
bb-sharp-ir Ok GP2Y0D810Z0F and GP2Y0D805Z0F remain untested.
bb-altimeter Ok Code seems to work but there’re some issues with the sensor data
cmake-modules Ok  
control-msgs Ok  
control-toolbox Ok  
realtime-tools Ok  
robot-model WIP  
rosconsole-bridge Ok  
ros-control Ok  
ros-controllers WIP  
tinyxml Ok  
urdfdom problems when inherit cmake.  
urdfdom-headers Ok  
ros-mpu9150 Ok Ok. Deprecated
ros-bb-dc-motors Ok Ok. Deprecated

WIP: Work In Progress
Packages out of the scope of the GSOC.

Keep in mind that this information is refers to the recipes that have been created at the Beagle-ROS project however the meta-ros guys have much more ;).


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