ros-mpu9150 ROS package: updates and some issues

The topic has been renamed from /mpu9150_topic to /imu_euler. And it’s now working fine again.



However I’ve been struggling with two issues with this package:

  • “Ctrl+C” doesn’t stop the package.
  • Unable to read the information published from another machine [meta-ros issue #134].

In the following image you can see the mpu9150 node publishing into /imu_euler and two instances of “rostopic echo” running. One in the BeagleBone and one in my Desktop computer:


The one in the Desktop computer doesn’t get anything from the “rostopic echo“.

There’s a similar behaviour with the talker_listener example of the rospy_tutorials package:


While the listener running in the BeagleBone gets what is being transmited to the Topic /chatter, the listener in another machine doesn’t get anything.


This issue is currently being discussed so let us know if you have any suggestions.


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