Instructions and tutorials update

These last days i’ve been making some nice progress with hardware connected to the BB so in the following posts i’ll post some of this updates.

From time to time i get contacted asking for more  instructions about this and that so i decided to put together all the tutorials and instructions that i’ve made so far in a way that it’s easier for people to follow up:

  • The Beagle-ROS README file has been updated. This file is the starting point for everyone interested in putting ROS into the BB using Angstrom (I’ve been notified that it’s also possible to natively compile ROS from the sources using Ubuntu).
  • diving-meta-ros repository is a good place to get in touch with meta-ros (the OpenEmbedded layer being used). This tutorial goes through the necessary steps to cross-compile a ROS package.
  • It might be a good idea to take a look at the Beagle-ROS recipes. The easiest way to get started with this is to add the Beagle-ROS code as a layer to your Angstrom installation (instructions provided). Some of the recipes even cross-compile userspace drivers through their Makefiles.
  • At this point you should feel like you can create recipes for your own ROS packages so, what are you waiting for?

Hope this could be of some help.


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