Hands on hardware

While keeping the colaboration with the meta-ros project I started interfacing hardware with the BB.

The schedule for the following weeks is:

* week 6 (22nd July - 28th July)       : Get started with capes & ROS. There's no real need to rewrite drivers for ROS. Assuming that there're already drivers for the capes, it will be required just to publish that information to a ROS topic. In the following weeks I'm expecting one by one to create ROS interfaces to access the different capes.

* week 7 (29th July - 4th August)      : Audio Cape

* week 8 (5th August - 11th August)    : Same.

* week 9 (12th August - 18th August)   : Motors and IMU.

* week 10 (19th August - 25th August)  : Same. 

* week 11 (26th August - 1st Septemb)  : Documentation.

* week 12 (2nd Septemb - 8th Septemb)  : Documentation. Overall review. 

* week 13 (9th Septemb - 15th Septemb) : Overall review and analysis of the Beagle-ROS integration.

Unfortunately, since i haven’t received yet the Audio cape, I decided to start with the “Motors and IMU* (MPU-9150)”:

20130719_111027 20130719_111009

I used the I2C-2 in the P9 expansion block(which actually turns out to be mapped to I2C-1) and the userspace linux-mpu9150 driver (I did try the MPU-6050 cross-compiled kernel driver but i haven’t been able to make it work yet).

The linux-mpu9150 driver provides a nice and simple code that can be easily customized (in the image Euler angles are printed but there’re other possibilities).

The next steps are to interface the motors with the BB and publish the IMU data to a ROS topic.

*It’s actually an AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System)


2 thoughts on “Hands on hardware

  1. James says:

    Brilliant work Victor !!!
    I have a BBB and hope to use your work for a pet robot project.
    How or Will Beagle-ROS fit into the Yocto Build Project???

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