Cross-compiling ROS packages

Several bitbake recipes have been written to cross-compile different ROS (tutorial) packages. These recipes are available here.

The following ones have been created:

├── beginner-tutorials
│   └──
├── common-tutorials
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   └──
└── ros-tutorials

However for now common-tutorials and ros-tutorials/turtlesim* don’t cross-compile.

Refer to previous post for instructions about how to install beagle-ros as an Angstrom layer and then use these recipes to cross-compile your own packages. There’re also instructions about how to create your own package and cross-compile it in the beginner-tutorials example (HOW TO REPLICATE section).


2 thoughts on “Cross-compiling ROS packages

  1. We are using ROS Groovy and Ubuntu LTS 12.04 with good success. Code working through sudo apt-get, catkin and ros-build. Compile time for packages is reasonable. We’ve run a XV-11 node and a custom controller for brushless hub motors with reasonable success using BBB.

    • Hi Alan,

      Those are great news, congratulations. It’ll be great if you could write down a step-by-step tutorial so that other users could benefit from your work.

      The more options available the better.


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