Beagle-ROS as an Angstrom layer

In order to be easier to keep track of the progress and updates, beagle-ros can now be added as an Angstrom layer. This will allow you to cross-compile all the examples through the bitbake recipes created.

The instructions to add the beagle-ros code as a layer:

The easiest way to install the recipes is to git clone 
the beagle-ros code directly into the Angstrom sources/ 
directory and add the beagle-ros as a layer:
  • Edit conf/bblayers.conf
  • add ${TOPDIR}/sources/beagle-ros \ to the BASELAYERS variable
It's also possible to add the recipes inside of the meta-ros code. There're instructions in  of how to put these recipes in the meta-ros file structure.

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